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2017’s Most Popular HR Topics

By Amanda Cannata | 1-min read

We’ve been gratified this year by all the HR leaders that have visited Engage, shared interesting content, and signed up for the biweekly newsletter. As 2017 comes to a close, we’d like to share the topics and articles that our readers have found most interesting:

    1. The intersection of new technology and company culture. This very popular article lays out the ways that advancements in technology can help shape organizational behaviors for the better.
    2. The future of HR. Readers have spent a lot of time looking forward, whether they’re considering the skills HR will need in the future or planning for Generation Z.
    3. The link between HR and Marketing. From the utility of specific marketing tactics (like repetition) for employee communication to the concept of B2E, or business-to-employee marketing, the growing link between HR and marketing has been a leading topic in 2017.

What’s on your mind as we head into 2018? We’d love to hear what topics you’re interested in. Shoot us a note here: