Business people gathered in an office in the city. A team of four people, men and women, gathering around a laptop.

Beyond Labor Day: Building Your Employee Experience All Year Long

By Keith Kitani | 1-min read

For many of us, Labor Day provides a time to reflect on the importance of our workforce and the foundation they provide for our company’s success. Between barbecues, pool parties, and end-of-summer gatherings, employees are also taking stock – of how their companies provide meaning in their lives.

This is not a uniquely millennial point of view as recent research shows that employees across generations want to feel connected to the mission, vision, and values of their employers. Making this psychological connection between employer and employee is key to establishing a strong employee experience.

Companies that get it right are the ones incorporating strategic and continuous employee communication of their mission, vision, and values. They’re getting the message through in ways that are relevant to each employee and that help them see the impact they make when they carry out their jobs. A great example of a company reinforcing their values through strong communication is Nebraska Medicine. This video illustrates how every individual employee can contribute to Nebraska Medicine’s commitment to “Serious medicine. Extraordinary care.®”

Not surprisingly, great communication mirrors the employee experience, which is ongoing and extends beyond discrete events like onboarding, open enrollment cycles, performance reviews, and promotions. The employee experience is shaped by each interaction an employee has with coworkers, company leaders, benefits programs, rewards programs, and even the physical location. 

So, this Labor Day, consider the employee experience at your company and how it extends beyond today into the next 365 days of the year. How are you communicating with employees, reinforcing your mission, vision, and values?  How are you breaking through to engage with them day in and day out?

Finally, is there more you can do to make your communication ongoing, personable, meaningful, and human? The impact of finding better ways to strengthen your connection with employees is significant: often, it leads to not only happier employees but more productive ones as well.