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Employee Communication: It’s Time to Change the Conversation

By Keith Kitani, Co-founder and CEO of GuideSpark | 1-min read

This is definitely a good-news/bad-news story. According to a recent IDG Workplace Communication Survey, 71% of HR Leaders thought that their workplace communications were engaging vs. a strikingly lower 27% of employees who shared that opinion. That’s bad news for employers.

How can such a large discrepancy be explained? At GuideSpark, we know the answer to this question after helping over 1000 customers transform their employee communications for more than 10 Million employees. That’s the good news.

The world has changed how we communicate. With the explosion of digital and mobile, our employees, who are also every day consumers, have become accustomed to consuming information and communicating in an on-demand, multi-device, and multi-format environment. Like it or not, employees bring these consumer-grade expectations into the workplace and hold HR teams accountable for the way communication is delivered on the job.

At GuideSpark, we want to drive internal communications to have the same impact as external communications. We do this through a comprehensive software solution that provides:

      • Engaging consumer-grade content experiences
      • Delivery and campaigns
      • Insight and best practices

Today, I am proud to share the launch of our newest solution: GuideSpark Communicate Cloud, the scalable foundation for modern employee communication and the only solution of its kind in the industry. This solution is changing bad news into good for employers who want to fix their employee communications once and for all. Together let’s Change the Conversation

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