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IDG Study: Employee Communication Not Keeping Up With the Times

By Amanda Cannata | 1-min read

Most HR professionals rate their companies’ employee communications as very good to excellent, according to a recent study conducted by IDG Research. Yet less than half of employees surveyed agree. What’s causing the communication gap?

The root cause is a diverse workforce, with varied communication preferences and evolving expectations based on their experiences as consumers. Employer communication strategies simply are not keeping up with the times.

Some of the biggest sticking points between employees and employers are ease of access, comprehensiveness, timeliness, and personalization. For example, while 78% of employers described their communications as easy to access, just 39% of employees felt the same. 

The result of this communication gap is low HR program adoption, sinking employee satisfaction, lowered performance, and increasing turnover. This trend isn’t just inconvenient—it’s costly.

The solution: bridging the employee communication gap with digital-age marketing-inspired strategies. 

Read our report to see how the latest data from IDG demonstrates the disconnect between HR and employees. More importantly, we’ll show you opportunities to fix it.