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Most Popular Topics of 2018

By Amanda Cannata | 1-min read

2018 is drawing to a close, and as it does, we’d like to take a moment and reflect on some of the year’s most popular topics related to employee communications and the employee-centric enterprise.  Here’s what our readers found most interesting this year:

  1. The changing nature of employment: advances in technology and changes to the way people work have impacted the employer-employee relationship, as illustrated by popular infographics on how the workforce is changing and how employees are like your customers.
  2. Building a strong culture: In a tight labor market, a strong culture is a competitive advantage for employers, and this article featuring the best practices of former Southwest Airlines CHRO was one of the most widely read articles on Engage this year.
  3. Strategies for engaging employees in total rewards: Whether it’s exploring the impact of low benefits engagement, finding ways to change how your employees think about pay, or better engaging Millennials with benefits, total rewards has been a focus area for many in 2018.

What’s on your mind as we head into 2019? We’d love to hear what topics you’re interested in. Shoot us a note here: