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The Effectiveness of Multi-Channel Campaigns and What it Means for Employee Communications

By Parker Trewin | 1-min read

How many devices have you used to access the internet today? Chances are, it’s more than one. In today’s fast-moving digital world, the average American has more than three internet-connected devices and switches back and forth several times each day to get information and complete purchases. In response to this behavior, marketers are leveraging multi-channel campaigns, which draw on a variety of mechanisms ranging from e-mail to social media and even text messages. Marketers know that multi-channel campaigns are the most effective way to keep up with and engage consumers as they move from channel to channel in their daily lives.

Ample evidence supports the marketing tactic. For example, a recent study showed that multi-channel campaigns achieve a 37% higher response rate than single-channel campaigns. The most effective combination, email and SMS, achieves double the response rate of either channel when used on its own. Multi-channel campaigns also drive stronger business results: higher spending and increased customer retention.

Increasingly, business communicators are also leveraging multi-channel campaigns to better engage their employees around important messages. But engaging customers is totally different from engaging employees, right?

Well, not so much anymore. The customer experience and the employee experience are looking more and more similar these days. Evolving consumer experiences are shaping employees’ expectations for work experiences. Employees increasingly see themselves as customers of their employer, and the paternalistic relationship between employer and employee is a thing of the past. To keep workers engaged and productive, today’s businesses have to treat them—and court them—like customers.

Creating a consumer-like employee experience is the most effective tool for driving employee satisfaction and retention moving forward. And that includes employee communications. Just like marketers have found that multi-channel campaigns lead to more responsive, satisfied, and long-standing customers, business leaders are finding that multi-channel employee communication campaigns drive significantly more engagement than single-channel campaigns. Optics powerhouse Essilor, recognized by Forbes as one of the world’s most innovative companies every year since 2010, significantly increased employee engagement with benefits information after adopting a multi-channel approach.

To get the biggest bang for your buck, consider an additional lesson from the marketing playbook: consistency matters. Consumers—and by extension, employees—expect consistent messaging and narratives across channels. Leading marketers and business communicators are integrating and coordinating messages in their multi-channel campaigns to ensure the experience is as effective as possible. Are you?