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Why B2E Is the Next Wave of Marketing

By Cathie Ericson | 1-min read

You’ve probably heard the marketing terms B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer), but one of the hottest marketing areas you may not be aware of is B2E (business to employees).

What is B2E?

The cornerstone of B2E efforts is materials and campaigns that demonstrate your employees are as important an audience as your end users. One of the most effective B2E components is using software and internal communications to ensure employees have a clear line of sight to your mission, as well as the diverse programs your HR department offers.

Promoting your company as an employer of choice to your current team can solidify their allegiance, ideally leading them to become brand ambassadors themselves.

Best Practices for Implementing a B2E Strategy

B2E can cover a wide range of activities, from recruiting materials to entice the best candidates, to ongoing campaigns that clearly communicate to current employees the many benefits of your workplace.

Establishing a dedicated B2E portal is one option for disseminating company information and showcasing all the benefits you have to offer in one centralized location The portal can then be supplemented with emails and other communications to reinforce information.

Using a campaign-based approach can motivate employees to take action and learn more about your various programs and offerings. Consistent communications will allow HR to “meet employees where they are,” when you use multiple channels and content formats, such as email, text, posters, FAQs or video. 

Collaborating with the CMO for a Cohesive B2E Strategy

Although CMOs typically drive marketing efforts directed at the B2C or B2B audience, savvy CHROs should establish a seat at the table to develop and roll out B2E efforts.  

When the CHRO and CMO work hand-in-hand, they can communicate to employees on the same level as other customer segments, aligning messages, goals and company vision.

From compelling content to campaign management and analytics that track which data and materials resonate effectively, a comprehensive B2E program will pay dividends in retaining your most important audience – the people who power your company.

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