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What Should You Do in the Midst of Health Care Uncertainty?

By Amanda Cannata | 1-min read

As you may have heard, congressional efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have once again stalled. The latest bill under consideration in the Senate, known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), did not receive a sufficient number of committed “yes” votes. A simple repeal of the Affordable Care Act, briefly on the table Tuesday morning, is also unlikely due to opposition by key lawmakers. It’s not entirely clear what will happen next, but for the time being it appears that the Affordable Care Act will remain the law of the land. 

What Should You Do?

While you may think that status quo means there’s nothing you need to do, we think that’s a mistake.

Congressional activity around health care reform has been a highly public and hotly debated topic, so your employees are likely to have heard about the recent events. And with so many proposals and bills floating around in the last few months, many employees may feel nervous about the future of their company health coverage. So, it’s critical that you communicate proactively and reaffirm your organization’s commitment to providing quality coverage. Even if you don’t yet know all the details about that coverage, it’s important to move quickly with a message of commitment, before employees have had a chance to create their own narratives.

 You should also consider communicating with your non-eligible employees, who may be purchasing coverage on the public exchanges. They, too, likely have worries about the future of their coverage. You don’t need to go all out: it could be as simple as pointing those employees to reliable sources of information about potential changes to their options. Providing some education to these employees demonstrates your commitment to their wellbeing and boosts your organization’s reputation as a good communicator. 

 We know that health care is an important topic to you and your employees, so keep checking back for updates on health care reform and other issues that are top of mind for HR leaders.