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Weekly HR Dispatch (09.26.18)

By Amanda Cannata | 1-min read

Each week we’ll feature great reads on the latest HR topics.

On the heels of the annual HR Tech conference, there’s a lot of buzz around the future of technology-enabled HR. The past weeks have also brought fresh insights on the ongoing evolution of HR and its strategic role in the enterprise.

Here are three picks to add to this week’s reading list:

  1. Cloud-Based HR Systems Make Everything Better – The intrinsic benefits of cloud systems are well known: more frequent updates and easier access to new capabilities. Workforce takes a deeper look at the benefits that cloud-based HR systems will soon deliver to the enterprise through people data and analytics.
  2. What HR Can Learn From Marketing About Employee Experience – In recent decades, technology has reshaped how businesses interact with customers—for the better. Forbes contributor Peter Hinssen details how HR can use the same technologies to elevate the employee experience. The result? Employees that better serve their customers and the business.
  3. CEOs Want Agility and HR Can Be the One to Provide ItHR Dive highlights a recent study from Forbes Insights, which revealed that C-level executives are focused on developing organizational agility. Read how HR is uniquely positioned to lead the charge, and in turn, become a business hero.

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