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Join Us: We’re Hosting a Twitter Chat!

By Amanda Cannata | 2-min read

HR Community: let’s get together and chat! Along with our upcoming webinar with IDG research, we’re hosting our first ever Twitter chat – and we want you to be a part of it.

Join us for a conversation on Thursday, December 14th at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET about informal performance management, where we’ll be covering topics such as employee opinions on the informal process, whether company size affects employee perceptions, how improving employee communication can make the process more effective, and more. In addition, we’ll discuss the following questions:

  • On average, only half of employees understand how their company manages and rates performance with an informal process. How can firms improve this? 
  • The size of the company has no impact on employee satisfaction, perceptions of fairness, etc. with performance management practices. Why is this a universal issue? 
  • 40% of employees with an informal performance management approach believe their company’s system is unfair. What contributes to this? Can it be overcome?
  • Why do you think companies with very informal performance management practices are more likely to have satisfied workers? 
  • It often takes up to 18 months to change a company’s performance management approach from formal to informal. Why does this take so long? 
  • What role do you think generations or life stages play in how an employee perceives the informal performance management process–would you expect a difference in senior vs junior workers? 
  • 50% of employees in companies with informal performance practices say they are not getting enough manager feedback. How can HR leaders help address this common issue?
  • If you could “fix” employee communications to help mitigate or resolve some of the issues companies have with informal performance management practices, what would you change?  

Our chat will be hosted by seasoned HR professional Ben Eubanks, and it will focus on data from IDG Research. Ben is the Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, a firm focused on cutting edge research and competitive practices in talent, technology, and innovation. Prior to joining Lighthouse, Ben worked as a practitioner for nearly ten years, culminating in a role leading HR at an Inch 500-rated global technology startup. He also hosts We’re Only Human, a show focused on the intersection of people and technology in the workplace.

Please join us and jump into the conversation via Ben’s Twitter handle, @beneubanks, GuideSpark’s Twitter, @guidespark, or with the #SparkConvo, #PerformanceManagement and #HRchat hashtags. We’re looking forward to getting to know you all better and hearing your perspectives on Thursday, December 14th!